Movie Theater Patrons Watching Movie in D-Box and 3D

Going to Your Local Movie Theater vs. Online Streaming from Home

“I love to go to a regular movie theater, especially when the movie is a big crowd pleaser. It’s much better watching a movie with 500 people making noise than with just a dozen.” – Stephen Spielberg

Those are Steven Spielberg’s words. When was the last time you visited your nearest movie theater? No ‘eye roll’ and a silent ‘are you kidding me?’ face please. The ‘Netflix’ snorting generation may not be able to understand the sentiment of visiting a movie theater every weekend, however; it too succumbs to the siren call of a ‘summer blockbuster’ beckoning everyone to hurry to the nearest theater so they can watch it on the big screen.

Movie theaters have fascinated generations of our species so much so that the world’s oldest surviving Movie Theater located in Southern France reopened in Oct, 2013. America got its first movie theater in 1896, mighty thanks to Edison! It was called Vitascope Hall and accommodated 400 people in one sitting. This link ( has some pretty amazing information about movie theaters in America, era-wise.

Throughout the history of the movie theater it has been re-branded to appeal to the younger generations. The evolution from a bohemian setup of a mounted projector, a film roll, a curtain for a screen and speakers to booming Dolby digital surround sound and IMAX screens is impressive. Did you know there was a thing called ‘movie palace’? Movie palaces were the first prototype of today’s plush multiplexes.

Five of the best movie theaters anywhere are in NYC; Twelve of the best theaters in the United States are scattered from coast to coast, mostly in the showbiz states (New York and California), while a few are located in the most unlikely of places, like Rhode Island and New Hampshire. A list of all movie screens and theaters worth traveling for within United States can be found here (

I was once admonished for replacing the word ‘theater’ with ‘cinema’ in a huge gathering. I got red-faced because I thought they were synonyms! Like any other red blooded internet junkie, I fired up my search engine and was astounded by how much I didn’t know. Do you know the difference?

Whether it’s the groundbreaking IMAX visual and sound effects or the comfort of wearing my PJ’s and watching a movie online, I love all of it. But I still pine for the drive-in movie theater which is on the verge of extinction. If you want to experience something out of an old Hollywood movie, you should find the nearest drive-in movie and make a night of it!

Movie theaters were popular in 20th Century. Not just because they provide entertainment. They were also a perfect place for a first date, to hang out with friends, to take the family out, to spend time with a special someone. In the age of distractions and time constraints, we must make more time for movie theaters as they really bring us together as a community and boost the economy. That will ensure that some people can retain their jobs. Check out the local movie theaters in your area online, and book a movie with your friends this Friday night!