Movie Theater Patrons Watching Movie in D-Box and 3D

Going to Your Local Movie Theater vs. Online Streaming from Home

“I love to go to a regular movie theater, especially when the movie is a big crowd pleaser. It’s much better watching a movie with 500 people making noise than with just a dozen.” – Stephen Spielberg

Those are Steven Spielberg’s words. When was the last time you visited your nearest movie theater? No ‘eye roll’ and a silent ‘are you kidding me?’ face please. The ‘Netflix’ snorting generation may not be able to understand the sentiment of visiting a movie theater every weekend, however; it too succumbs to the siren call of a ‘summer blockbuster’ beckoning everyone to hurry to the nearest theater so they can watch it on the big screen.

Outside of Local Movie Theater in New Hampshire

Local Movie Theaters Offer More Than Big Chains

Movies have played a role in our everyday lives for years. Whenever you visit a move theater, you do so with the desire to have fun and to bring some excitement to your day. You want to see the latest and the greatest movies out, and you want to have an experience that you cannot have elsewhere. Of course, what really brings this experience together is what you get from a local movie theater, especially in major areas where indie films, older films, and special releases are available. The change that we see in these theaters is bringing people back to locally made movies, popular indie films, films from years ago, and movies that everyone wants to see.