panorama view of Buckhead Village of Atlanta GA

A Brief Tour of Buckhead’s Shops, Restaurants and Luxury Apartments

In the northern part of the city of Atlanta, Georgia lies Buckhead, one of the city’s most commercially successful districts—the third largest, in fact. Buckhead offers visitors and residents alike an abundance of options for fine dining and shopping, with a plethora of shops and restaurants from which to choose. Benefiting from a prime location, the district of Buckhead has undergone great changes since its modest start in the nineteenth century. The area that would one day serve as the hub of Piedmont and Peachtree roads was bought by Henry Irby in 1838 for $650, for a total of 202 ½ acres of land. Today, $10,000,000 per acre is the asking price for that parcel of land, bought so long ago by Henry Irby. Although he wasn’t the first to own the land, he established a general store and tavern at the northwest corner of the intersection, which began the town of Irbyville at the spot.