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Wireless Intercom Solutions

Wireless intercom systems work to connect you to other people. They can connect you to a single other, or whole groups of people no matter what your location is. It allows you to connect anywhere with network access to make sure that you are instantly connected to the people you need to be, and fast. Wireless IP intercom systems can be installed on an android or apple product at no charge and they can start helping to connect you to people right away.

Modular Data Center Cooling Solutions

Modular Data Center Solutions For Business

Digital data seems to be like the language of the times and it has to be stored somewhere with security and privacy. This, as a result, has turned into a big business endeavor as large companies fight for huge contracts and promise safe-keeping for the world’s data. Not only is data storage important, but it also requires quite an investment. Companies that act as reliable data center solutions require specialized data center furniture, cooling, and power.

NOC Furniture Data Center Consoles

Changes Coming For Data Center Furniture

Major changes to the data center furniture industry could be on their way. Intel, which already has a strong hold on the data center sector, is potentially looking to make some bold moves. They have held a strong base in the server market, with an estimated 95% penetration rate. But the company wants to dig in even more deeply as cloud services continue their upward climb. This could have implications for data center furniture as well.