NOC Furniture Data Center Consoles

Changes Coming For Data Center Furniture

Major changes to the data center furniture industry could be on their way. Intel, which already has a strong hold on the data center sector, is potentially looking to make some bold moves. They have held a strong base in the server market, with an estimated 95% penetration rate. But the company wants to dig in even more deeply as cloud services continue their upward climb. This could have implications for data center furniture as well.

Philips Heartstart Defibrillator Pads

Correctly Using Philips Defibrillator Pads

A Philips automated external defibrillator is a small lightweight portable device that is used treat a sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack, a condition which is characterized by the irregular quivering of the heart muscle that prevents it from adequately pumping blood throughout the body.

The Philips Defibrillator works best when paired with the specifically designed pads, the Philips M5071A, compatible with the Philips OnSite / HS1 AED.

Although the Philips Defibrillator Pads are very easy to use, an emergency situation can often make the primary caregiver nervous, frantic or flustered and likely to forget their training and instructions. So how do you properly use an AED in case you have to?