panorama view of Buckhead Village of Atlanta GA

A Brief Tour of Buckhead’s Shops, Restaurants and Luxury Apartments

In the northern part of the city of Atlanta, Georgia lies Buckhead, one of the city’s most commercially successful districts—the third largest, in fact. Buckhead offers visitors and residents alike an abundance of options for fine dining and shopping, with a plethora of shops and restaurants from which to choose. Benefiting from a prime location, the district of Buckhead has undergone great changes since its modest start in the nineteenth century. The area that would one day serve as the hub of Piedmont and Peachtree roads was bought by Henry Irby in 1838 for $650, for a total of 202 ½ acres of land. Today, $10,000,000 per acre is the asking price for that parcel of land, bought so long ago by Henry Irby. Although he wasn’t the first to own the land, he established a general store and tavern at the northwest corner of the intersection, which began the town of Irbyville at the spot.

tampa bay condos and historic waterfront at night

A Historic Look At Bayshore Waterfront, Tampa, And Time

The city of Tampa has been on the rise since the 16th century and a boom town since the 1880s. As a result, there are a lot of historic sights to see when visiting—let’s go over just a few.

hot air aisle containment rendering

Hot vs Cold Aisle Containment: What You Need To Know

When it comes to cooling systems for a data center, one of the most traditional approaches has been hot-air and cold-air aisle containment. Both dependability and efficiency can be increased by using the method of containment to eliminate hot spots and prevent IT machines from overheating. Separating the cold air from the warm air is the primary objective when it comes to containment, achieved through modifications to the air flow such as fans, vents or air conditioners. To keep the hot-air and cold-air aisles apart, containment strategies require that IT racks be arranged with the front of the racks facing each other, creating alternating aisles of cool and warm air.

noc furniture console rendering

The Nuclear Power Station: The Reactor, The NOC and The Turbine

With nuclear power being talked about more these days as an alternative energy source over concerns for CO2 emissions, let’s familiarize ourselves a bit better with it.

A nuclear power plant is a power station which uses the heat from a nuclear reactor to generate steam which is harnessed through the use of a steam turbine to produce electricity. The first operational nuclear power station was erected in Tennessee in 1948 and was modestly used to power a light bulb. By the mid-1950s the model was being set up to operate an entire power grid, first tested in Obninsk, Russia in 1954. By the end of the 1950s nuclear power plants were appearing around the globe, such as that in Shippingport, England and Cedar Hall, United States.

cold aisle containment illustration

What Can Hot / Cold Aisle Containment Do For Your Control Room?

Whether or not you are familiar with them, data centers are what keep the internet running. They can be defined best as facilities which maintain all of the computer systems and components of a given network. It should be no surprise that the smooth operation of data centers can require a great deal of preventative care, especially when it comes to the environment. Power is a priority, so redundant and backup sources are frequently installed to keep networks going in the event of an outage or other emergency. This is especially important when dealing with large scale data centers that can use as much electricity as a small town. Redundant data communications connections are another preventative measure often taken should there be an incidence of device or utility failure.

Mr Yuk poison control room logo

Control Room Centers In Focus: Poison Control Pittsburgh

New parents in Pittsburgh can probably recite the telephone number for the Pittsburgh Poison Center (PPC) from memory, perhaps with a little help from Mr. Yuk.

The character was created in 1971 by Dr. Richard Moriarty, a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Moriarty, whom also founded the Pittsburgh Poison Center and the National Poison Control Center Network, designed the prohibitory mascot as an alternative to the traditional skull and crossbones motif. He felt that the former image could too often be confused with the Jolly Roger symbol of the local baseball team, The Pittsburgh Pirates.

Movie Theater Patrons Watching Movie in D-Box and 3D

Going to Your Local Movie Theater vs. Online Streaming from Home

“I love to go to a regular movie theater, especially when the movie is a big crowd pleaser. It’s much better watching a movie with 500 people making noise than with just a dozen.” – Stephen Spielberg

Those are Steven Spielberg’s words. When was the last time you visited your nearest movie theater? No ‘eye roll’ and a silent ‘are you kidding me?’ face please. The ‘Netflix’ snorting generation may not be able to understand the sentiment of visiting a movie theater every weekend, however; it too succumbs to the siren call of a ‘summer blockbuster’ beckoning everyone to hurry to the nearest theater so they can watch it on the big screen.

Why Choose Control Room Furniture for Your Office?

When it comes to standard office furniture, the overall quality will depend on the brand and reputation. However, there are many brands of this type of furniture that tend to fall apart rather quickly even under nominal use. Plus, while the overall function of offices has changed dramatically over the course of the past two to three decades, the basic design of most office furniture has remained the same.

Control Room Consoles Furniture Rendering

Cloud VCOM Solutions Graphic

Wireless Intercom Solutions

Wireless intercom systems work to connect you to other people. They can connect you to a single other, or whole groups of people no matter what your location is. It allows you to connect anywhere with network access to make sure that you are instantly connected to the people you need to be, and fast. Wireless IP intercom systems can be installed on an android or apple product at no charge and they can start helping to connect you to people right away.

Commercial LED Lights And Our Energy In-Dependence

Commercial LED lights pic

It is hard to imagine an urban city of the future that does not employ LED lighting. Larger cities have not moved as quickly to utilize the technology; it is the smaller, developing cities like Detroit, Oakland and Pittsburgh that are leading the way. Earlier this week, Detroit was commended by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz for its choice to utilize LED lighting in the coming years. LED lights are a godsend to cities like Detroit that are looking to rebuild and thinking about long-term strategies to that end. Cities like Detroit are short on cash, and some might be hesitant to invest in the high initial cost of LEDs; but savings over the long run make it a smarter fiscal decision.